Hilarious Spider Box Prank

Anonymously send this regular looking gift box to someone you know and wait for them to freak out when a spider leaps out!


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Great Ways To Use Our Prank:

WARNING: ONLY DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! The Fake Engagement is by far the riskiest of the pranks we can suggest. If you have a fiancee or significant other that’s just waiting to be asked the big question, pull out this box, get down on one knee, open the box, and then run for the hills. This is sure to cause some problems, so be sure if you decide to actually propose soon after that you have something to REALLY make up for it.

If you’ve ever had a co-worker that just gets on your nerves by constantly visiting your desk and touching your things, the Spider Box is a fun way to give them quite a surprise. By patiently just setting the Spider Box on your desk, and playing the long game, you can quietly wait as your overbearing peers go to look inside your precious mystery box, and get a face full of Spider!

This gift is not only great for friends and peers, but as a simple and fun loving gag for children and grandparents around Christmas or Birthdays. This quick, but fun jump scare will add some easy laughs and fun energy to any holiday or group gathering.

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Customer Reviews

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I can’t stop laughing!

I can’t stop laughing. Not much gets over on my sister. I told her it was just a little thing for Valentine’s Day coming in the mail that I came across. Just a small something and I also ordered one for my fiancé since I liked it so much!
Her husband was there, which I was hoping he could see the reaction and he did. She can’t top this! This is such an inexpensive prank. A must!!!

That is amazing to hear! Glad we could make a few people laugh. Thanks for choosing us and come on back soon!

Spider Box Prank

Thanks for the 5-Star review! Come on back soon!

Target was shocked! It was a success!

That is exactly what we like to hear! Thanks for the review, and let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with us a 5-Star experience!

Spider Box Prank

Thanks for the 5-Star Review and come on back soon!

Spider Box Prank

Thanks for the 5-Star Review!
Pranking Sisters

Great fun surprise for my sister! She loved it.

Ha! That is fantastic to hear. Glad we could help with your pranking needs!
Perfect Gag!!

This was a really fun gift, now tune to put it away for someone else’s stocking next year!! Lol

Absolutely! It's the spider gift that keeps on giving! Thanks for leaving a review!

Annoyed the recipient to no end. Still trying to figure out who sent it

Hey there! Thanks for the review! Glad to hear the prank worked out! Come on back soon!
Great experience and product

Just what we wanted. Great gag

Perfect! Thanks for the review!
Awesome Gift

This is absolutely amazing. Only down fall is the wood drawer sticks causing the person to see the spider first.

Hey there, That must be a defect. Please contact us and we will definitely resolve this for you! Sorry about that!!!