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Eat a D*ck - Chocolate Prank Gift

Worked like a charm

Scared the life out of my sister. Thank you very much.

kinda disappointing

I was so excited to send this however the person it was sent to could tell right away that there was glitter on the package so they "smartly" opened outside. Once they opened it, a disappointing amount came out.

Blows my Mind!

I bought some candy for my aunt Norma Molina on valintines day and she loved them! Thanks guys your the best..

Perfect payback in the most petty way possible!

Ordered this bc my sister (enemy) was stealing all my packages from a property she lives in that we co own. Police said I couldn't do anything about it without some proof so i figured what better way to get proof than to set her up! Well my package was thrown on side of the rd which she was on camera "her throwing it out the car window" her shiny ass and car match my glitter package. Bamm!... Now i have proof! 😂🤣😭 Payback is a b*tch! Best purchase I've ever gotten. I'm now known to friends as the most petty bitch ever! Thanks so much pranks anonymous 😘 you're the best!

Extra Glitter (optional)?

I can't answer

I wish I could tell you what the results were. Sadly my glitter bomb was taken by a porch pirate.


I bought this and had it mailed to MYSELF! I have a neighbor who is steeling my packages so I'm hoping once this is delivered he snatches it and ends up with a REALLY NICE SURPRISE!


This was so fun! Sent this to my boyfriend. We couldn't stop laughing!

Worked Great

Used this on a glitter pro and she didn’t even see it coming. Reported by recipient that the “fine” glitter deployed perfectly and went all over. The size of the box and tube the glitter came in helped throw her off knowing she was getting glitter bombed. Thanks

Just what he needed to hear!

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Laura Sutor

Just what I wanted to say!

One side not stuck

Only giving a few stars. Sadly the pkg came in saying what the card was so ruined the surprise also sml pkg of glitter was not glued onto both sides so no exploding of glitter happened.

You Give My Heart a Boner
I didn't get the order

I didn't get the order

Delivered as ordered

I ordered this anonymously for my stepmom because we’re fighting. I was not there for the delivery, I have not asked anyone not to raise suspicion, my dad and stepmom have not mentioned to me so all I know is they got it and don’t suspect me of anything.

You Have a Small P**nis
Richard Karlsen
Outstanding service

Recommend and a outstanding service

Best $20 EVER SPENT!

The fact that this only costs $20 is beyond me. Worked perfectly. 10 outta 10 would DEF RECOMMEND! Last I heard…she is still trying to get it out of her carpet.

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Elizabeth Lewis

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Robert McKim is gay
They got so mad they sent it back to sender

Yep per the shipping it was returned to sender. I know it got under their skin making this a win.

Great gag for those new “to be” parents.

The never ending crying baby card gag was perfect for my first time dad colleague.
I informed him that this card was a mini training session for him so he could get used to things to come!

Funny Father's Day Card - Prank Greeting Card
Patti Lauzon

Funny Father's Day Card - Prank Greeting Card

Penis prank

Was not there for the reaction so hoping it went well

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Melina Threadgill
Middle finger card

It was perfect!

T*ts Your Birthday
William Maestas

Better than I could have hoped


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