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Wife loved the card however…

Order arrived only to be missing (paid extra) personal message… also another card that i purchased was not shipped with order but reached out to customer service and was helped with that issue. Order ahead of time at least 2-3 weeks before occasion


I sent a GB to 1 person in our office which triggered a “revenge” box of sh#t which that prompted someone else to send a GDB to another person, so the past 3 weeks have been PRANK CITY at our office! Thanks

Seal was broken

The tag on the card was already gone when I received it. It also took so long to get delivered. I just hope my victim would still get to enjoy the surprise. As soon as I get it to stop, I mean

Not discreet

The shipping label says "Eat a dick - chocolate penis prank" Luckily my military pals laughed just as hard anyway

Oder finally came

It took 3 tries. But order finally arrived. The owner was great to work w and I got a full refund

Card never sent

Order was said to be fulfilled but card was never received/picked up by OMS or USPS. Still waiting on order to be resent.

Nice C*ck
Randa Osborne

Thank you so much fun.
Quit emailing me specials and ur how to earn $


I loved them, I had no issues getting them. Gave to friend who found it amusing and they were actually pretty good.

Rude Musical Cards
Layla Taranto
Great staff

I had an issue with my tracking status. And the staff were quick to respond and gave me helpful information on what was happening.

Did not work

The glitter bomb did not work. When opened the glitter stayed inside the package.

He found it funny?

Is it not supposed to continuously play until they DESTROY the card and glitter pops out? Didn't happen. He found it hilarious at least. Let his guard down so I can glitter bomb him. Sadly disappointed. Could have been done better.

It's Your Birthday - Rude Musical Greeting Card
Naïla Song

i ordered it to europe and it took a long time to arrive but definitely worth it!!!

It's Your Birthday - Rude Musical Greeting Card
Richard Ceraulo

Worked great and was a lot of fun

Bag of D*cks Gummies
Marianne Clarke

I was happy to find a company who allowed you to include a message with the bag of dicks because we wanted the people to know exactly who it came from!!

Great prank, poor delivery

I was expecting it to arrive in 3-5 days since that was the shipping method. It took over 2 weeks to arrive which was very disappointing.

Bag of D*cks Gummies
Perfect gift

I was looking for a gift to give a coworker. This was perfect for him. He didn't find it as amusing as all of my other coworkers did. When he left his Christmas gift behind and went on vacation, it was found and quickly opened. The gummies are actually really really good!

The music

The whole idea of the card which was displayed to me on there social media is that it goes for four hours without stopping.However, I tore the tab off my card just like instructions said so and the next morning when the receipt received the card it was playing like it was supposed for a couple of minutes and then just stopped not even playing for a hour

Rude Musical Cards

Rick Roll - Endless Holiday Singing Card

Could be 5 stars

The “bomb” part is a little cheesy. But it works. The glitter is not actually glitter, but super thin paper about the size of a dime. And I ordered a “3 pack” and only received 1 card.

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

Getting every year!!

I got these last year and this year for my husband and he still has no idea who sent them. I am gonna start sending them for his birthday too. 🤣🤣 They also do taste really good.

Best way to get back at a crappy boss

Sent it to my boss after he fired me for some BS and I'm still a legend to this day around town for doing so bc he's such a prick

Wife pranked me at work

This was awesome and really made my day at work. I didn't even care about the glitter that was all over my office. Now whenever I walk into my office and see the glitter that didn't get swept up, it makes me think about my wife and the love that she has for me, that she sent this glitter bomb to me. I told her this has started something between us and I will be returning the favor when she least expects it! LOL. Thank you!

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb variants
Samantha Ferenz

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb variants

Why do you give the person a way of finding out who it is

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