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Father’s Day

The shock and bewilderment my dad went through before he started laughing was great then he tried to sweep up the mess and that made it even funnier. He absolutely enjoyed his Father’s Day prank this year.

Glitter Bomb

Absolutely worth every penny! Was truly anonymous they even tried to look it up and could figure out where it came from I will definitely use this again sometime!


Card was delivered anonymously. Went better than I could have imagined. Completely ruined the person's day 😆🤣

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb Prank


I wish they had an option that taped the reaction. Would make it even better!

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Robert Wise

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i never received it


Best Gag Gift Ever!!!!

You Have a Small P**nis
Shiela Stephens

Item never are

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb Prank
Erica Sorokach-Demchak
Never received

My sister never received this for her birthday.

It was awesome!! Definitely going to send out more of these!!

Super anonymous

So anonymous, my prank receiver still doesn't know it was me who sent it!


Sent this to a coworker for her birthday and her husband opened it :) They both got the surprise!! And they have no clue who sent it.


Perfect gag gift,friend loved it,thank yas!

i paid extra for faster shipping and it didn’t get delivered on time

C*ck Shot! New Bomb Prank!
Marlisa Prestidge
Best Prank Gift Ever

This was better than I imagined. I sent it to a coworker across the country and it was glorious!!

Delivered on time and discreetly!


For the boss. It was a hit in the office

Perfect prank!

Great prank...purchase a funny box to go with it too! My prank went way better thank I could have ever imagined!

Glitter prank didn't work.

When package arrived and was opened there was no glitter in the cup that popped out of the box. All the glitter had fallen out so there was no surprise. Was waste of money.

Was hilarious

The best gift for a sister who got a new job!

I sent this to my sister’s new job. We are doing a “terrible gift” for Christmas this year but I wanted to start early…

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Great way to feel better

Had some pent up anger that I needed to release and now I feel great. Also this was hilarious to me and at the very least, the recipient got some chocolate truffles! Thanks!!

Best prank ever !!

This blows the dick glitter bomb out of the water. Even better that the receiver thought it was holiday candy so regifted it and someone else got the shot intended for someone else 🤣🤣🚩

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