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Perfect gag gift,friend loved it,thank yas!

i paid extra for faster shipping and it didn’t get delivered on time

C*ck Shot! New Bomb Prank!
Marlisa Prestidge
Best Prank Gift Ever

This was better than I imagined. I sent it to a coworker across the country and it was glorious!!

Delivered on time and discreetly!


For the boss. It was a hit in the office

Perfect prank!

Great prank...purchase a funny box to go with it too! My prank went way better thank I could have ever imagined!

Glitter prank didn't work.

When package arrived and was opened there was no glitter in the cup that popped out of the box. All the glitter had fallen out so there was no surprise. Was waste of money.

Was hilarious

The best gift for a sister who got a new job!

I sent this to my sister’s new job. We are doing a “terrible gift” for Christmas this year but I wanted to start early…

Add a Custom Note

Add a Custom Note

Great way to feel better

Had some pent up anger that I needed to release and now I feel great. Also this was hilarious to me and at the very least, the recipient got some chocolate truffles! Thanks!!

Best prank ever !!

This blows the dick glitter bomb out of the water. Even better that the receiver thought it was holiday candy so regifted it and someone else got the shot intended for someone else 🤣🤣🚩

Perfect, for the intended use, 😋

I never leave reviews. But these gag gifts keep everyone laughing for days. Best gifts ever

Great prank gift 🎁 it went off just like I planned and were still laughing about it today.

C*ck Shot! New Bomb Prank!

Best prank ever!

Coworker thought it was suspicious so called on duty security and had them open it. Thought I would pee my pants laughing!

Wish I Could have seen it but satisfying anyway!

This glitter bomb was a little bit of a special circumstance. My daughter lives across the country from me and I frequently send her packages. Withing the last two years, someone from within the building has started stealing the packages. Its a locked lobby so its not someone from outside. The last straw was when my son-in-laws surprise birthday cake was stolen. What to do? Send a glitter bomb, extra fine, triple green glitter. As we hoped, the package was stolen. I would have loved to have seen what happened when the thief opened it and got a face full of glitter! We are hoping to use the glitter trail to actually expose the thief! It makes me laugh every time I think of this person getting the surprise of their life! (the HOA refuses to put up camera in the package delivery area to try to catch the thief for some reason). Maybe they'll think twice next time!

Bag of D*cks Gummies
Michelle Knight

Bag of D*cks Gummies

Wonderful results !

My ex-boss is extremely upset by the prank. Thanks!

Gave it as a bday gift

Gave it as a bday gift to a friend. They still have no idea it was me!!!

Bag of D*cks Gummies
John Hedrick


Worked great!

Perfect prank to play on your kids or just anyone you want to make suffer while vacuuming up ultra fine glitter.

This was incredible. I sent it to my sister for her birthday, she said she had to tug the box a little to get it open, and that ensured it would go off at and above her. I will be sending more in the future.

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