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We all have friends that need to be pranked… and pranked hard. Luckily now there is a fast, easy, and affordable way to send anonymous pranks in the mail to anyone! From glitter bombs, glitter letters, and frustrating boxes, mail pranks from our selection of glitter bombs, glitter letters, and more! We may be a silly prank company, but we stand by our pranks’ Quality, Price, and A+ Customer Service.

Most importantly, Pranks Anonymous is SECURE. Many prank websites are just not trustworthy. But Pranks Anonymous allows you to mail pranks on a fully encrypted, fully Certified & Secured, prank website: your personal information is safe.



Your Girlfriend

Prank Your Girlfriend“You play too many video games,” she said. “You never like my friends,” she said. “Get a job,” she said! Well you are a man of few words… Glitter Bomb. She’ll love it!

Your Boss

Prank Your BossHe’s always angry about something you did or didn’t do… or did do, but didn’t do correctly. Well this time get it right and send him a smile with A MEGA Glitter Bomb.

The Teacher

Prank Your Dad

You had to retake World History because you didn’t remember the Ming Dynasty’s reign was 276 years. Let him know how much you care with a Chocolate Poop!

That Bro From The Gym

Prank A Gym BroAfter hours of hearing him scream and slam weights in the gym, it’s time for him to start screaming at slamming The Frustration Box.

Your BFF

Prank Your Other GirlfriendShe’s been your best friend since grade school and has been there for you every step of the way. Now it’s your turn to let her know how much you care with a Confetti Bomb.


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That was pretty cool to watch! Mostly how she had to clean it up after because she opened it in her dorm!

5 5 1
I am very pleased with what I received. Everything worked as described and I will com back next time I need a prank.

Even Confused Me

5 5 1
I forgot I bought this for my wife and when It came, it actually confused me for a second haha. That is, until I saw the message i hid at the bottom.

Very Poopy

5 5 1
The most poop I have ever eaten in my life!!!

Cant Beat It!

5 5 1
I would say that for the price this is by far your best purchase. I have bought 4 items from this site (in their defense all have been good) but this one by far takes the cake!

Hell Ya

5 5 1
You my boi's now! F****** Funny as s***!