Everyone loves a good prank, especially when it's played on someone close to you. If you're looking for a funny way to say "happy birthday" or "congratulations," then why not try one of these top 5 greeting card pranks?

Tits Your Birthday Confetti Card

  1. The "Tits Your Birthday" Prank Greeting Card: This card is perfect for anyone who’s birthday is coming up and enjoys a good laugh. When they open it, a load of glitter comes shooting out and falls all over the place! Just be sure to have your camera ready to capture their priceless reaction.

Congratulations Funny Baby Shower Card

2.The "Congratulations - Baby Shower" Prank Card: This card looks like any other congratulations card, but there's a special surprise waiting inside. When opened, the card will make a loud crying baby that never stops. Once they try to rip it up - never ending crying baby will continue to play!

3D Dick Prank Card

  1. The "3D snake in the card" Prank Card: This card is perfect for anyone who doesn't like “snakes”. Write a loving and caring message in your card, shut it and let the 3D “snake” pop up upon opening. They'll never expect it when they open their card and find a “snake” staring back at them!

Hilarious Happy Birthday Greeting Card

  1. The "Happy F**king Birthday!" Prank Card: This card is perfect for anyone who loves surprises. Inside, there is a load of glitter ready to pop out right when the birthday gal or guy opens it. They'll be surprised and delighted when they open this card and are greeted with a hilarious middle finger as well!

Funny Farting Christmas Card

  1. The "Farting Christmas" Prank Card: This card is perfect for anyone who loves the holidays and enjoys a nice Christmas toon! This greeting card makes a fart noise and doesn’t stop! Be sure to take a picture of their surprised reaction when they see what's inside if they try to rip it up.

These are just a few ideas for funny greeting card pranks that you can play on your friends and loved ones. So next time you need to say "happy birthday", “Merry Christmas” or "congratulations," why not ditch the traditional cards and go for something more fun? Your friends and loved ones will thank you for it!