Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner how much you care and love them, but sometimes the best way to do that is with a laugh. If you’re looking for a way to bring some lighthearted fun to your Valentine’s Day celebration, check out these 9 hilarious Valentine’s Day gag gifts that are sure to put a smile on your special someone’s face. From funny cards to silly stuffed animals, these gag gifts will make sure your Valentine’s Day is filled with laughter and love.

1) Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

Order the spring-loaded glitter bomb from Pranks Anonymous which features 200g of glitter, unlike the competitors who only have 20g of glitter. These spring-loaded glitter cannons also feature a pull tab and tube sizes around 9.25". These Valentine's gag gifts are the perfect gift for your partner. Grab these adult gifts for 30% off as well. 

2) Rude Musical Cards

Grab yourself a hilarious ride musical card which features loud moaning for up to 4 hours. Not only that but when the card is destroyed it releases a massive amount of glitter making this card also a glitter bomb. This funny gag gift is the best way to get maximum satisfaction over any greeting card. Plus, you can send this Valentine's day gag gift to anyone anonymously. 

3) Bag of Dicks

How about Penis shaped fruity-tasting flavored gummy dick. These sweet and soft delectables are the BEST gag gift. If your partner has a great sense of humor then this funny gift is perfect for you. Grab our Valentine's Day gag gift for as low as $12.99 and you can even add a custom message. 

4) Thinking of You - Penis Pop-Up Card

Yup, we have a 3D penis pop-up card that makes for a fun surprise when your partner opens this gag gift. If you're looking for a Valentine's Day Gag gift then this is it. Right now, you can get 30% off, this hilarious penis pop-up card with over 1900 reviews. 

5) You Give My Heart a Boner Card

We talked about musical cards before but how about one PERFECT for Valentine's Day? Pranks Anonymous started back in 2016 so we know a thing or two hilarious gag gifts, especially for Valentine's Day. Grab this joke gift and send it anonymously AND activated so your victim has to hear a moaning sound for hours. 

6) You Have A Small Penis - Prank Card

What's better than an adult gift that says "You have a small Penis" hangman style? Especially if you know your partner is well-endowed ;). This funny gag gift card makes for the perfect joke on Valentine's Day for your partner or best friend. 

7) Chocolate Shit

Yes, that's right this ultimate Valentine's Day gag gift for adults - a chocolate turd or shit. Order a box with chocolate shit in it and place it where your partner will find it. This might be the funniest way to tell someone to eat ass as well. 

8) Chocolate Butthole

Live fast, eat ass, isn't that the saying? Maybe, maybe not, but these delicious chocolate buttholes are a great kinky gag gift idea that only couples with the best sense of humor will get. Order a box with 3 chocolate buttholes from Dick at your Door and get them delivered just in time for Valentine's Day. Remember these are just gag gifts for adults - make sure your partner has a great sense of humor. 

9) Chocolate Dick

Dick at your Door isn't just famous for its Chocolate buttholes but also for its Chocolate Dicks. These sweet chocolate cocks are a great addition to maybe a Valentine's Day card or a dozen roses. If you're looking for dick candy grab Pranks Anonymous gummy dicks and maybe a Dick at your Door Chocolate cock.