Ah, Christmas Day. The one day of the year where it's totally socially acceptable—and even encouraged—to play tricks on your friends and loved ones. If you're looking for some inspiration for this year's pranks, look no further! We've compiled a list of our favorite harmless but funny pranks to try.

Saran Wrap

  1. Put Saran Wrap over the toilet seat. This one is sure to get a rise out of whoever sits down next! Especially with your family being home, you would 100% get someone with this! 

The Clock Trip

  1. Switch all the clocks in the house by an hour or two. This will definitely throw off your unsuspecting family member’s schedule for the day. This prank is probably best for those who have kids and would like to wake up later on Christmas morning. “No Billy, we are not opening presents until 10 am”. 

Vaseline Trick

  1. Put Vaseline on doorknobs. This prank is especially effective if you live in a house with multiple people—it's guaranteed to give everyone a good laugh when they can't figure out why they can't open the door!

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

  1. A Spring loaded glitter bomb in their stocking. These are hilarious glitter cannons that can be replaced with tiny little dicks or 100% “natural” glitter. Just tuck in your family member’s stocking and let them do the rest. 

Glitter Filled Christmas Card

  1. Hand them a glitter filled christmas card that explodes when they open it. These are hilarious and a hell to clean up. What do they say about glitter? It’s the herpes of the craft world. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started—have fun, and happy pranking! Remember, the best pranks are always the ones that are harmless but still manage to get a good laugh (and maybe even a little bit of revenge)!