Every year, you've thought about pranking someone, and all across the world people try to outdo each other with the best pranks. And while some pranks are funnier than others, there's nothing quite like a good laugh at someone else's expense. If you're looking for a few good prank ideas this year, look no further! We've compiled a list of 20 easy pranks that are sure to get a rise out of your friends, family, and co-workers.

  1. Put Vaseline on someone's doorknob. They'll go to grab it and get their hand covered in Vaseline and won't be able to turn the door knob!

  2. Put a rubber band around the spray nozzle of a kitchen sink. The next person to use it will get soaked!
  3. Superglue a coin to the ground. See how long it takes someone to figure out why they can't pick it up!

  4. Fill a balloon with water and hide it in their shoe overnight. In the morning, when they go to put their shoes on you get watch them squeal when it pops!
  5. Tape a "kick me" sign to someone's back. It's a classic and simple trick that people will enjoy even if they don't actually kick you or them. 

  6. Put salt in the sugar bowl and sugar in the salt shaker. Watch as your victim tries to make their coffee!
  7. Draw mustaches on all of the pictures in your house. It'll be a hilarious surprise when they wake up in the morning!

  8. Like the mustaches add googly eyes on all the photos in your house. They'll be surprised at every turn!
  9. If you can get access to your friends phone, set an alarm to go off at random times throughout the day. 
  10. Leave fake parking tickets on people's cars. This is a classic and is a great way to fake ruin someone's day.

  11. Send them a glitter bomb card, once they open it they will be covered in glitter. 
  12. Turn all of the picture frames upside down. This is a great prank for around the holidays because you can play if off like you didn't do and many people will be around. 
  13.  Put Saran wrap over somebody's toilet seat before they use it. They'll get quite the surprise!
  14. Write humorous messages on post-it notes and stick them around your victim's house or workspace

  15. Send them a chocolate dick in the mail. Some boxes even say "eat a dick" on the inside. 
  16. Change all of the clocks in your victim's house or office by an hour. Who said daylight savings can come too early? 

  17. Wrap somebody's car in saran wrap. It'll be quite a sight!
  18. Swap the sugar and the salt in your house just in time for dinner
  19. Get someone a never ending dirty greeting card for their birthday. 
  20. Get someone a never ending dirty greeting card for Christmas. 

Bonus: Set up a fake spider web in front of your door so that everyone who comes in gets scared!

Whether you're looking for something harmless or downright devious, these pranks are sure to get you laughing—and maybe even earn you a few points with your friends and co-workers! Just remember, as always, prank responsibly!