5 Hilarious Birthday Gift Ideas for Him That Will Make His Day

Trying to find the perfect birthday gift for him can be daunting. You want to get him something that is both meaningful and fun, but also shows how well you know him. If you are stuck in a gift-giving rut, look no further! Here are 5 hilarious birthday gift ideas for him that are sure to make his day.

The Cock Mug 

  1. Get him a cock mug once the hot coffee gets in the cup it reveals the work “cock”. This is a great way to show him that you know his sense of humor. Plus, he won’t know until he drinks his first cup all while thinking of you every time he takes a sip of coffee. 

Never Trust A Fart Shirt

  1. Another great option is a custom t-shirt from Dick at Your Door - “Never Trust a Fart Shirt”. He will love wearing it and most likely get a ton of people laughing, starring and agreeing with him. 

A Chocolate Butthole

  1. If your man is a bit of a foodie, then get him a basket full of his favorite snacks and goodies aka a bunch of chocolate buttholes, dicks or maybe a gummy version. Add in a few gag gifts like fake hot sauce or expiration-dated food items for an extra laugh.

Just for your Poop Card

  1. Maybe he’s a little turd, consider getting him a funny card that has a turd pop up and add your personalized message inside.

Exploding Glitter Card

  1. Glitter cards go a long way cause that shit stays forever. Get him a Birthday glitter bomb card so when he opens it, nothing but glitter falls out. This is totally unique and he is sure to get a good chuckle out of this one!

No matter what gift you choose, he is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into it. So have fun shopping for your guy and make his birthday one to remember!