You know those singing cards that play a song non-stop until you open them? They're the worst. The good news is, there are plenty of great singing cards out there that don't have that problem. Here are three of the best.

Thanks A Shitload Singing Card

1. "Thanks a Shitload" card from Pranks Anonymous
This card plays non stop and doesn't stop "singing" for hours. Even if the recipient tries to rip it up - boom glitter comes out! These singing cards that don't stop are the best addition to any holiday present or thank you. 

Happy Birthday Singing Card

2. "Happy F**cking Birthday" card
For just $11.99 you can get a never ending signing birthday card AND blast someone with glitter. Just as an FYI, the card doesn't sing happy birthday, it sings a vulgar filled version of happy birthday loudly for all to here and won't stop. 

Congratulations Singing Card

3. "Congratulations" card for a Baby shower
This card plays the "Congratulations" song non-stop aka it's a baby crying loudly for all to hear. This is a perfectly funny baby shower card. No matter how much you hate it, parents better get used to it! 

There are plenty of great singing cards out there that won't drive your friends and family crazy with their non-stop noise. These are all excellent options that are sure to put a smile on your loved one's face.