4 Funny Musical Christmas Cards

What’s better than receiving a card in the mail this holiday season? A card that plays music! Whether you are looking for something to make your friends and family laugh or just want to spread some holiday cheer, these five musical Christmas cards are sure to do the trick.

The Best Funny Christmas Card

  1. The "Jingle Balls" Card: This card features the classic Christmas song aka a never ending moaning card with, "Jingle Balls." on the front. The front of the card has a cute illustration of a nut sack. Geared perfectly for friends and family for the Christmas season. Step up your hilarious greeting card this Christmas Season with the Jingle Balls.  Send a never-ending card anonymously or be there to bask in the glory that is elevated gifting.

Amazing Holiday Card for Your Boyfriend or Husband

  1. "You have a small Penis” card: The front of the card has a beautiful illustration of a hand drawn hangman game, and missing some of the characters that show off what you really mean. This is sure to be a favorite Christmas time card for boyfriends and girlfriends to give.
Funny Christmas Card
  1. "Farting Christmas Santa" Card: This card features Santa on the front of the card with a never ending fart noise that happens when opened. Up to four hours of continuously looping farting Christmas Sounds. Make sure they open it in public for maximum embarrassment and panic.

Hilarious Thank You Card

  1. "Thanks a Shitload!" Card: This card is perfect to send back to any friend, spouse or family member that sent a gift this year. These Famous Never Ending Greeting Cards are a perfect way to anonymously send the most confusing and offensive cards you never knew you needed.

These five musical Christmas cards are sure to put a smile on anyone's face this holiday season. From traditional “carols” to Christmas day classics, there is something for everyone on your list. So why not spread some holiday cheer with one (or all) of these cards today?