Now it's time to get them back. Use offer code: REVENGE at checkout for 25% off your payback. We'll make sure it's good

most sent pranks:

Glitter. Everywhere. Forever.
The original and best selling spring loaded glitter bomb is here and ready to enact revenge. Is this what they sent you? now it's your turn

Glitter Bomb
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What if there was a singing greeting card that you couldn't turn off? What if it was porn noises or 4+ hours of farting? What if it was filled with glitter too? That'd be one helluva prank, right? Better check out our never ending offensive cards

Singing Cards
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You're lucky you found us.If you hadn't, you never would have realized you've been sending greeting cards all wrong your entire life.The exploding card lineup is guaranteed to shock.Fun for everyone

Exploding Cards
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Sometimes it's about making them work.That's why we wrap the frustration box in ten layers of tape.The box is already glued shut, so they are screwed.I dare them to break it open

The frustration box
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some of the shit we do, I swear it'll come back to haunt me.Not this this shit.This shit is too good to be bad

Eat Shit
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Gummy goodies in a bag.Sometimes it's quantity over everything. What do you think?

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remember to use REVENGE at checkout for your sweet, sweet discount! Now, let's get to pranking

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