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Sometimes it's not about making a statement but making a mess. That's why we developed the original Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb for your pranking pleasures. The OG and best selling Glitter Bomb is built to make a real impression on whoever your unsuspecting victim turns out to be. Anonymous and absolutely maddening, each glitter bomb is filled with at least 1.5oz of extra fine glitter (our mega bomb - hyperlink - comes packed with 3.5oz). This ensures your target will be finding glitter in peculiar places for months to come.

Heck, they may even get blamed for going to the strippers because what guy plays with glitter on a Tuesday?

Extra fine glitter not your speed? We have glitter in all the shapes you need to make the gift extra special and personal. Dick glitter, Shiny shit glitter, balloons, sperms, confetti, or foam balls are all options when glitter is just too annoying for the person in question.

Here's the "Need to know" - Each Spring Load Glitter bomb and confetti cannon is made from our custom "unbreakable" kraft tube. Inside, we have added weight to the spring and glitter receptacle to make sure the unsuspecting recipient won't be able to see through the prank. Once the glitter or confetti is ready to go, it's time to build the ruse. Each gag gift is labeled to correspond to the occasion you chose, wrapped in deluxe kraft paper, and packed tightly in our crush-proof corrugated shipping box.

Want to embarrass your target, add tape on the outside that says something like "mega double-sided dildo, ribbed for pleasure" or "Plug of the Mont - Never Let your Butthole get Bored" and require a signature for delivery. Trust us when we say this will be peak pleasure when your friend, parent, or office mate is frantically trying to figure out who sent it. The Fedex Guy will forever remember your best friend as the dude who likes butt plugs. So good.

Maybe you're a little more PC. We cover all occasions. From our Graduation Cannon to our Birthday Bomb, you can guarantee there isn't a time you won't be able to send our cannons

Want to make sure they know why they are getting, add a custom message, handwritten card, or digital message. Please don't write a novel. My hand cramps easily.

Sometimes it's not about making a statement but making a mess.  That's why we developed the original and only Exploding Glitter Bomb Card for your pranking pleasures.  

Filled with 2 oz of extra fine glitter, each card has two options: activated or unactivated.  Activated means, and I can't stress this enough, YOU CAN'T OPEN IT BEFORE THE RECIPIENT.  This means you will not be able to add a message, love note, hate mail, whatever or you will have, as DJ Khaled says "played yourself".

We can of course add a custom note for you.  Handwritten, printed, or smoke signaled in, we can get your message across.  Whatever it is, we got it.  

Want to add the note yourself?  Just make sure to choose "unactivated" before checking out.  All you will have to do is use our patented (pending) double sided tape to get that good ol' boy ready to rock ad roll.

Of course, we can cover any and all of your occasions.  Whether you are sending a card to your brother for his birthday and want to spice up the gifting this year or telling the neighbor their dog keeps dumping in your yard, there is a card for it.  Christmas Cards, Hanukkah Cards, graduation notes, celebration, or just a general Thinking of you card are all the list and more.

Needless to say, we love having fun here at pranksanonymous.com and we want you to as well.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your order and our support staff will be happy to help.