Anonymous Pranks

Mail pranks anonymously to anyone at Pranks Anonymous: from a spring loaded glitter bomb, to glitter bomb mail, to frustration boxes, and more! The largest selection of glitter bomb pranks, Pranks Anonymous is also home to the world’s LARGEST glitter bomb: the mega glitter bomb, with over four times the glitter of any other spring loaded glitter bomb. And don’t forget to check out The Frustration Box! It’s the shipping box that is stupid-hard to open!

At Pranks Anonymous make your prank mail personal, with customization options for every prank, like a personal note or triple the amount of glitter in a glitter bomb. We also fulfill bulk orders, so whether you want a Blue or Pink Glitter Bomb for your reveal party, or just want to annoy the entire office with frustration boxes, we can help.

We may just simply sell pranks in the mail, but we promise that you will never be pranked by our quality, price, or customer service. And unlike other prank websites out there, you can trust that you get exactly what your order. Additionally, all your purchases are private and secure.


Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. Once you get it, it explodes, and you will never get rid of it. Send it as an envelope or a shipping tube. Even send a Less Messy of the prank that doesn’t take as much cleanup! At the end of the day, send your prank in whatever form you like! We will make sure it is executed perfectly.


We have a vast array of funny, frustrating, and completely infuriating pranks. From shipping the largest glitter bomb across the continent, to sending a glitter bomb card that explodes with glitter when opened, all the way to shipping your best friend a box just seems impossible to open: Rest assured that we have every prank your mischievous heart desires.

Wholesale & Drop Shipping Information

We do custom orders all the time, so whether you want Blue or Pink Glitter Bombs for your reveal party, or you just want to annoy your entire office with frustration boxes, let us know how we can help. Interested in selling our products in your store via Drop Shipping!? We connect your website’s shopping cart to our shipping portal and take care of fulfilling any/all orders that come through, leaving you with just PURE PROFITS!