Poop Card 3D Pop Up

PRO TIP: Add a Spring Loaded Poop Bomb To Your Card to add an explosion of dicks!

Has there ever been a better time to send a turd to someone you love!? That’s why we created the 3D Pop Up Poop Card! Go ahead and spread that poopy love around!



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Why We Have The BEST 3D Pop Up Poop Cards:

No expense was spared in order to bring you the most dazzling, most realistic, most 3D poop pop up card in the business. No other company can compete with the reaction our 3D Pop Up Poop Card gets. It’s almost impossible to not laugh when you watch our 3D turd grow in front of your eyes as you open the card. Think of how many friends and relatives you could impact with this crappy surprise. Sometimes it just isn’t enough to tell them how you feel… you really need to show them how you feel… and what better way than a 3D Pop Up Poop Card!? Get one before we run out!

We custom build all of our pranks so that you have the most personalized experience possible. The whole point of a sending a 3D Pop Up Poop Card is to send a very specific and unique kind of “message” right!? That’s why it is extremely important that our customers have the option to add a physical message to the inside and outside of their card!

Something that is commonly overlooked is customer service. You always want to know that you have someone on the other end to answer any questions you may have. This is extremely important when it comes to any product you buy on the internet. We pride ourselves in our A+ Customer service and swift response time. We know that you want to make sure that whichever prank you choose, that it is created and functions perfectly. We may just be a prank website but we take our products and customers extremely seriously and believe we do our job better than anyone on the web. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


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Poop Card 3D Pop Up
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