The Frustration Box

A box your friend, enemy, or family member will spend countless hours trying to open…

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Description: The Frustration Box

When it arrives at your friend/enemy’s home it looks like a standard package. It has some weight to it and if they shake it, they can hear rattling inside. Slowly they attempt to open their anonymous gift but to no avail… they have begun an almost insurmountable task.

Countless hours are wasted on trying to discover what is in this horribly frustrating box. They want to quit… But there is something jingling inside that keeps them opening!!!

So let’s say, against all odds, they actually do open The Frustration Box and get to it’s center… what’s waiting inside is just as frustrating.


Specifications: The Frustration Box

Box: From Hell

Inside Contents: No One Has Lived Long Enough To Tell The Tale…


FAQ: The Frustration Box

Q: Is this completely Anonymous?

A: Every Prank is 100% Anonymous

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What Sets Our Prank Apart:

Completely Annoying

We make sure that our boxes are as annoying as possible to open. And even if they do get inside (which is as likely as Arthur pulling a sword from a stone)… it would likely be another good 10-20 minutes before they actually get to the center and find what’s rattling inside.

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You can rest assured that every single prank you send through Pranks Anonymous is 100% anonymous and we will never give out your contact information.

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We pride ourselves in pricing, transparency, and the quality of our products because there is nothing worse than paying for an anonymous prank online that does not deliver. We make sure your prank counts.

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The Frustration Box Customer Uploads

The Frustration Box Reviews

Very Awesome!

5 5 1
I had the frustration box sent to my friend for his 50th. Looks like he had a bit of a difficult time trying to open it!!! Haha. Very awesome! Thank you!!!! : -)

Very Good Prank

5 5 1
This is a really well made prank. Watching my mother try to open it for hours was well worth it.

Better Than A Glitter Bomb

5 5 1
A glitter bomb happens in an instant but a Frustration Box lasts an hour haha! Very funny!


5 5 1
Watching my mom (63 years old) trying to figure out what was inside and why was priceless.

Perfectly Frustrating!

5 5 1
My brother received it three days ago and last time I saw "The Frustration Box" it was still unopened and there was a knife sticking out of it. Maybe some day he will get to my note in the middle!!! I really want to see his face!!! Great Prank! 5 Stars!!!