The Frustration Box

A box your friend, lover, or family member will spend countless hours trying to open…

Pro Tip: Try a BLUE Box with a Red Birthday Sticker or try a RED Box with a GREEN Christmas Sticker!



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Wrap In Ridiculous Amounts of Tape

Making it even MORE Frustrating Than Ever!!!

Add A Custom Message To The OUTSIDE Of Your Box: (+$2.99)

Add A LARGE Sticker To The OUTSIDE Of Your Box (4×6 Inch):

Tap image Twice on mobile to select option

Place In A Padded Shipping Mailer

This prevents the box from having a shipping label on it if you wanted to present it in person

Why We Have The BEST & ORIGINAL Frustration Box:

We make sure that our boxes are as annoying as possible to open. We would recommend that you take advantage of the option where we will wrap your frustration box in ridiculous amounts of tape. It just adds so much to the frustration factor. Even if they do get past the tape… they now get to deal with the actual frustration box… Wooohooo!

We have already covered how most prank websites are fairly cookie-cutter with their products. But you want your prank to be unique… and you want to get your point across. This cannot be accomplished with the previously stated websites. Fortunately, At Pranks Anonymous you can fully personalize your prank with messages on the outside of your Frustration Box.

You always want to make sure your glitter bomb is shipped with care. Don’t allow the prank website you choose to just drop your tube in the mail “as is.” This leads to higher rates of glitter bombs exploding in the mail and never reaching their final destination. We make sure to package all of our pranks with care so that they reach their final destinations intact. In addition, all of our spring loaded glitter bombs come with tracking numbers so that you can track the progress of your prank in order to ensure that it arrives at its destination.

Something that is commonly overlooked is customer service. You always want to know that you have someone on the other end to answer any questions you may have.This is extremely important when it comes to any product you buy on the internet. We pride ourselves in our A+ Customer service and swift response time. We know that you want to make sure that whichever prank you choose, that it is created and functions perfectly. We may just be a prank website but we take our products and customers extremely seriously and believe we do our job better than anyone on the web. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
new cuss words were invented the end of the day, "what a hassle!"

Ha! Glad the prank went off well! Thanks for the review and come on back soon!
Perfect prank

She has no idea where it came from. The perfect level of innocent but deeply messing with someone. Totally satisfied

You described our company's mission exactly! We couldn't have said it better. Thanks for the amazing review!
Loved it.

Only regret was I didn’t get to be there to see his reaction.

Luckily we have plenty more pranks to choose from... you'll have plenty more opportunities ;)

This took my brother over 15 min to open.

Thanks for the review!
Great Prank!

Sent this to my boss and watching his frustration trying to get this open was hysterical! He almost broke a pair of scissors trying to pry it open LOL.

HAHAH! WE LOVE IT! Glad we could frustrate him for ya! Come on back soon!
He sent me a text after calling me a dick

This is the video I was sent of him trying to open it, I it took even longer but his wife had to help him so she shut off the camera LOL!

HA! We love it! Looks like even his cross fit muscles were no match for our Frustration Box!
Exactly as promised.. Hilarious!

You won't regret it, my friend resorted to using multiple tools to get inside then ended up tearing it open like a gorilla, only to discover beads inside making that sound. A great joke gift

Glad to hear everything worked out! Thanks for the really nice review!
I got cussed out.

I wasn’t there to see the opening. But I got cussed out, so that was probably a win.

Oh dear! Thanks for the positive review!

I send my friend a gag gift about once a month. This one was great. You can hear her on her security cameras saying, "Why is it rattling?" LOL

Haha we would love to see it! Definitely add the video to your review if you have a second. Thanks again!
Worked like a charm.

He got it open pretty quickly. He cheated and used a knife. But the loads of tape was extremely difficult and made it worth it.

Thanks for the nice review!!!