Spring Loaded Dick Bomb

Say Hello To The World’s Best Dick Glitter Bomb! The perfect gift for any Bachelorette Party or just shower everyone you know in dick glitter anonymously! Add custom messages and even double or triple the dicks!



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Wrap The OUTSIDE Of Your Tube In A Large Wrap:

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Why We Have The BEST Dick Glitter Bombs:

What better way than to let your friend know she is only going to have one penis for the rest of her life than to shower her with an array of dicks! Whether you’re giving or receiving these bombs, it is a fantastic way to announce a night one of your last single nights as a woman!

If you have a girlfriend or significant other who is in need of some good D, this bomb will happily remind them of all the greatness they’re missing out on. Send them this glitter bomb with the message “We’re gonna get some D tonight” and plan yourself a girl’s night for the ages!

This bomb is a great way to let a friend or significant other that they’re being a total dick (in the silliest and absolutely non-malicious of ways). Add a message to this bomb, and let them know two can play at this game!

Why We Have The BEST Dick Glitter Bombs:

Obviously the most important aspect of a spring loaded dick bomb is the dick explosion. This being the case, it is extremely important that the dick glitter bomb has a quality spring. In order to cut costs, most dick glitter bomb providers fill their tubes with foam so that they only have to use a small, cut-rate springs. Unfortunately, this can result in an extremely poor dick explosion. In addition, most companies out there mass produce their dick glitter bombs and end up leaving them in warehouses for months and months until someone buys them. Unfortunately, if the spring is stored too long it can greatly affect its explosiveness. Needless to say, Pranks Anonymous makes your dick glitter bomb AFTER you order is placed and uses springs over 9 inches in length. This ensures that when the spring loaded dick bomb is opened the recipient is completely covered in tiny penises.

The whole point of a spring loaded dick bomb is to cover everyone and everything surrounding it in penises… right!? That’s why it is extremely important that your spring loaded dick bomb is packed with massive amounts of dicks! And let me tell you… most companies are pretty light on the dicks these days, but Pranks Anonymous lets you DOUBLE and even TRIPLE your dicks!

We have already covered how most prank websites are fairly cookie-cutter with their products. But you want your prank to be unique… and you want to get your point across. This cannot be accomplished with the previously stated websites. Fortunately, At Pranks Anonymous you can fully personalize your prank with messages on the inside as well as the outside and increase the dicks amounts.

You always want to make sure your dick bomb is shipped with care. Don’t allow the prank website you choose to just drop your tube in the mail “as is.” This leads to higher rates of dick bombs exploding in the mail and never reaching their final destination. We make sure to package all of our pranks with care so that they reach their final destinations intact. In addition, all of our spring loaded dick glitter bombs come with tracking numbers so that you can track the progress of your prank in order to ensure that it arrives at its destination.

Something that is commonly overlooked is customer service. You always want to know that you have someone on the other end to answer any questions you may have.This is extremely important when it comes to any product you buy on the internet. We pride ourselves in our A+ Customer service and swift response time. We know that you want to make sure that whichever prank you choose, that it is created and functions perfectly. We may just be a prank website but we take our products and customers extremely seriously and believe we do our job better than anyone on the web. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


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