You Make My Heart Explode – Fun Valentine’s Card that Explodes Hearts When Opened


You Make My Heart Explode – Fun Valentine’s Card that Explodes Hearts When Opened


We are re-inventing greeting cards.  The Confetti Cannon Cards will make all other peasant cards inferior.

***NOTE*** If you are ordering the card activated, we assume the next person who opens the cards is the recipient.  That means, when the card is opened next, it will be triggered & the confetti of your choosing will launch into the air!

You Make My Heart…EXPLODE!  Pranks Anonymous’s Glitter Bomb Card is the perfect card for you boo to let them know just how you feel this year.

  • Up to 4oz of the confetti of your choosing will launch when opened
  • Anonymously sent activate with your custom message already inside
  • Fine, chunky, or giant confetti available so you can choose your level of cleanup
  • An interactive Card Unlike anything you have experienced

Anonymously send the card they will never forget.  With up to four ounces of fine glitter included, these cards are designed for maximum confusion, frustration, and…well….cleanup.  Check out our entire lineup of cards here for all your favorite occasions.

Whether it’s a birthday, the holidays, graduations, funerals (ehhh maybe not) Valentine’s Day, or just because, we know the greeting card game will never be the same again.


The original anonymous mail prank. Sent from our discreet warehouse, all orders are 100% anonymous unless told otherwise

Once you order your prank, we will add everything you need to make the gifting experience unforgettable and ship it FAST

We'll let you know when the recipient has received their "package" so you can film their reaction or laugh at their confusion

Injury Disclaimer

Due to the nature of our product, the surprise element may be dangerous.

Please make sure to advise the end user to open away from the face and inform them of the pop up surprise.

We are not responsible for any misuse of our products and the sender of this gift accepts all liability.

Thank you for helping us continue to provide a safe and memorable experience for everyone!

— The Pranks Anonymous Team