For You – Never Ending Country Moaning Song

Make a splash this year day with the most annoying card you can buy.  Over four hours of looping sounds that can only be stopped when destroyed.  The best part?  When the recipient destroys the card…it drops glitter EVERYWHERE.

Ever wondered what it’s like to drive someone to insanity? Now you can with the “For You” Porn Sound Cardl!!

Here is the audio this card plays when activated:

Designed to look like a cute Greeting Card, this card pack a wallop when the recipient opens it to hear what starts out as a country love song, only to quickly turn sexual and make porn sounds for hours without being able to turn it off.

Imagine your coworker opening this card in your hip and wide open office space. Screams of pleasure coming from his or her cubicle will no doubt earn a beat red face and a stern talking to.

Happy Pranking, Friends.

***REMINDER*** if ordered “activated” the card will deploy the next time it is opened.  That means you’ll have an ear full of porn moans for 4+ hours if you’re not careful.  If you plan on writing a note on the inside, make sure to order “not activated”



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