Send Poop In The Mail

Poop and Chocolate in one!? Now that’s delicious!

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Description: Send Poop In The Mail

When you want to deliver something special to that special someone in your life, but they are a pile of poop as a person, so they don’t deserve anything nice. This Chocolate Turd looks frightful, but is actually quite delicious. Made from Milk Chocolate.

The original and absolute best chocolate novelty gift for your friends, family, or just a random person you want to feed chocolate in the shape of poo.


Specifications: Send Poop In The Mail

Weight: 8 oz

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 3 in


FAQ: Send Poop In The Mail

Q: Is this completely Anonymous?

A: Every Prank is 100% Anonymous

Q: Is it real poop?

A: No silly, it’s just delicious chocolate in the shape of poo!

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Why We Have The BEST Chocolate Poop On The Market:


Our finely crafted chocolate poop pranks are the best in the biz. With over 40 years of research (it was dirty and delicious) and development we have finally nailed it! THE PERFECT CHOCOLATE FLAVORED POOP PRANK ON PLANET EARTH! Now we pass our years of work on to you, our beloved customer. You can finally reach that life long goal and dream of sending that special someone you know a delicious treat in the form of Chocolate Poop In The Mail.


You always want to make sure your pranks are shipped with care.  We make sure to package all of our pranks with care so that they reach their final destinations intact. In addition, our pranks come with tracking numbers so that you can track the progress of your prank in order to ensure that it arrives at its destination.


Something that is commonly overlooked is customer service. You always want to know that you have someone on the other end to answer any questions you may have.This is extremely important when it comes to any product you buy on the internet. We pride ourselves in our A+ Customer service and swift response time. We know that you want to make sure that whichever prank you choose, that it is created and functions perfectly. We may just be a prank website but we take our products and customers extremely seriously and believe we do our job better than anyone on the web. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Product Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 3 reviews
5 1

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The most poop I have ever eaten in my life!!!

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Believe it or not... it is actually completely delicious!