Never Ending Mother‘s Day Singing Card – Happy Mother’s Day

**If you select the card to be activated, once the card is opened, it won’t stop for hours.

**If you select the card not be activated, you’ll be able to activate the card yourself by pulling the tab on the card. You can write anything you want before activating the card, but once the tab is pulled, DO NOT OPEN THE CARD.

Ever wanted to know how to annoy the sh*t out of your mom? Well now you can!

The Never Ending Mother’s Day Singing Card does just that. It plays a an annoying “Momma, mooom, mom, momma” non-stop for 3+ hours and can’t be turned off without ripping the card to pieces, but the card is filled with glitter.

We here at Pranks Anonymous love a prank. However, we know there are more nuanced and subtle pranks out there that will strike just as hard as our glitter bombs. That why we fully endorse the Endless Momma Mothers Day Card. Once activated, the card plays for hours and the only way to turn it off is to rip it open. If your mom is smart enough to figure that out, she’ll be blessed with a lapful of glitter for her troubles.

Happy Pranking, Friends.


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