Glitter Bomb Card

Our custom built Exploding Confetti Card Glitter Bomb Cards are packed with glitter and ready to explode on whoever opens them!



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Great Ways To Use Our Prank:

Spice up any birthday celebration by covering the birthday boy or girl in GLITTER! Add your own personal message on the inside, and you’ll have them wishing that you got them a vacuum as a present!

The only thing that can make an ugly Christmas sweater uglier is covering it with a ton of glitter! Add this card to any present, and watch s the glitter explodes onto your loved ones lap and chest. Add a message like “now you shine as bright as a Christmas tree!” To add some festive fun!

Why We Have The BEST Glitter Bomb & Exploding Confetti Cards:

Obviously the most important aspect of a  glitter bomb card is the glitter explosion. This being the case, it is extremely important that the glitter bomb card is crafted correctly. In order to cut costs, most glitter bomb card providers simply fill their envelopes with glitter. Unfortunately, this can result in an extremely poor glitter explosion. At Pranks Anonymous we crafted the perfect compartment to hold your glitter until the card is opened. Once the card is opened, rest assured that glitter will get absolutely everywhere!

The whole point of a glitter bomb card is to cover everyone and everything surrounding it in glitter… right!? That’s why it is extremely important that the glitter bomb card is packed with massive amounts of glitter! Most companies are pretty light on the glitter these days, but Pranks Anonymous lets you DOUBLE and even TRIPLE your glitter! Not to mention that we have the new MEGA Glitter Bomb at over 4X the size of the standard glitter bomb.

We have already covered how most prank websites are fairly cookie-cutter with their products. But you want your prank to be unique… and you want to get your point across. This cannot be accomplished with the previously stated websites. Fortunately, At Pranks Anonymous you can fully personalize your prank with messages on the inside as well as the outside, change the glitter color, and increase the glitter amounts. We even have Spring Loaded Snow Ball Bombs and Spring Loaded Confetti Bombs if you don’t want your recipient to have too much of a mess to clean up.

Something that is commonly overlooked is customer service. You always want to know that you have someone on the other end to answer any questions you may have.This is extremely important when it comes to any product you buy on the internet. We pride ourselves in our A+ Customer service and swift response time. We know that you want to make sure that whichever prank you choose, that it is created and functions perfectly. We may just be a prank website but we take our products and customers extremely seriously and believe we do our job better than anyone on the web. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


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