Never Ending Prank Greeting Cards

Joker Greeting makes the best prank musical greeting cards. Safe to sign but once a friend presses play...they don't stop, ever. Until you break them. Most have glitter inside when broken!

Greeting Cards will never be the same.

Pranks Anonymous makes the best NSFW and SFW singing prank cards in the world for all occasions.  Whether you are looking for a way to cheer someone up with a fun gag gift or embarrass your co-worker with a birthday card, DAYD will hook you up with the best cards this side of the earth.

Cleverly disguised as a cute card, these cards are anything but what they appear to be and the recipient of one will find out the hard way just what these are!

Offered as both an anonymous package or unactivated, you have the choice on how the card arrives.  Just beware that if you choose Activated, you will not be able to write a nice note or message in the card without tripping the mechanism and subjecting yourself to 3 hours of porn sounds and glitter.

Sending anonymously?  We are happy to include a note for you so the recipient knows just why they are doing everything they can to turn.  Off.  The.  Noise. 

Want to be there when the prank goes off in order to soak up all the sweet sweet gratification?  Just order it unactivated, write your note, activate the card yourself and prep for a helluva ride.

Singing Greeting cards are a great way to help someone celebrate.  Funny and inappropriate singing cards are a great to embarrass your mom or dad.  Maybe a co-worker or office mate even?

Well, it's time to elevate your game with our Neverending Annoying Greeting Cards when you're shopping for a Christmas card or Birthday card, or Anniversary, or well….any card at all.


You're welcome for benefitting from our hard work.  Love you